Summer Rain.

In the middle of summer, it suddenly rained.  Therefore, my first entry would be somewhat in tune with the weather. They say that once it rains, it pours. But they also say that you can’t stop it, but you can shield yourself from getting messed up. Yes, I’m talking about l-o-v-e.

Not all love stories are fairy tale inspired where prince charming loves princess and they are happy, end of story. Most of the time, they are like “drama” series. Girl meets boy- boy likes girl- they fell in love – had a fight – they kiss and make up or they just break up. But let’s look what are the stories behind that sequence. Who loved without being hurt? No love story is perfect enough to not have their own version of world war III . You see, what happens is, female and male do not think the same way or look at things in the same manner.

Number one problem is miscommunication. Example: lovers quarrel, girl get’s angry and nag at the guy (yes, believe it or not ladies, this is how we usually take things) , never listens, started to accuse guy for all sorts of things (thanks to social networking sites, yes, they could be a good basis for any fight if you know what I mean) , but at the end of the day girl cries like a baby and blames every single thing to the guy.  Hello guys, what the hell were you doing? oh well, we don’t expect them to yell at us, they are not expressive with their feelings. Most of the time, they just shut up, give us a cold shoulder and get drunk and never talks about what happened. Well I think unlike girls, they do not get any satisfaction from discussing/arguing on things in detail because they know that girls are not jokingly given two mouths for nothing. Yes, we NEVER EVER lose a conversation, we always have an explanation and counter statements to everything *proud*.

I can’t say anything more because if you fell in love, you definitely can relate and know what happens next, it goes on and on and on. But, this is also what makes a relationship stronger. If you are patient and forgiving enough, you’ll learn from every single argument and you will have happily ever after. I just hope that everyone has the courage enough to stand, fight and accept things all for all love or gives up and just choose a break up to end the pain that it’s causing.

What I’m really trying to say is, weather changes every now and then. May it be rainy or  sunny, bear in mind to bring an umbrella, better ready than sorry. ;p


About thecatlovermanhater

I recently moved to England and love to travel! I had difficulty finding detailed blogs to help me plan my previous holidays around Europe so I decided to make my own (based on personal experience and preference on places to go) to help future wandering souls like me! Feel free to drop comments and I'll do my best to respond with any queries. Will post my Norway, Paris, Barcelona, and Northern Ireland travel soon!=)
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