An egg for a prayer – St. Claire Katipunan

I took the Nursing Licensure Examination last December 2011. And as expected for any board examination, examinees visit various churches to pray for them to pass, and so I did. One of the churches we visited was St. Claire in Katipunan. Thankfully, I passed the examination and it is time to go back and give thanks to St. Claire. =)

Going there is very simple, you just have to ride the LRT2 going to Santolan and alight at Katipunan Station, South Wing. From there you can walk to your right and pass right under the bridge (refer to the picture below) and you can see vendors which leads to the church entrance.

Like we did before, I bought a tray of eggs for P35.00. The eggs are wrapped in various colors, as per the vendor, the colors signify your prayers. Blue, which I bought, is for hope, Red is for good luck, Green is for money, and I can’t remember the rest. ;p

I did a little research about the egg offerings because I’m really curious, why eggs?? I mean, is it St. Claire’s favorite food? And we even jokingly said that it is for San Pedro, so that our prayers can easily pass his gate.

“It is believed that offering eggs to the Poor Clares in exchange for prayer petition of a good weather, works. By tradition, a dozen eggs (representing the twelve months of the year) is offered even if one wishes only for a day or two without rain.” -Indeed, when I was inΒ high school, every foundation day or any celebration of different departments, I hear my teachers say that they will offer eggs to St. Claire for a good weather.

There really is no one true explanation how this tradition came about. But in Dr. Alejandro Roces’ book β€œFiesta,” he theorized that this may have something to do with Sta. Clara’s name. β€œClara” in Castillian means β€œa short interval of fair weather on a rainy day.” In Spanish however, β€œclara” pertains to the albumen or egg white. This then translates to offering claras (egg whites) to Sta. Clara to pray for a clara (fair weather) during a rainy day.”

So there..more on passing the tradition and giving meaning to it =)

Upon entering the gate of the church, you will see this huge dog, sleeping or standing at the guard post (beware for those with kids). But seriously, he is so nice, he doesn’t bark, it is like he’s been guarding the place for years…=) you can pat his head and he will just stare at you thanking you for petting him =) And yes, he is so big he looks like a boar, but I still find him cute. =)

Next to the guard house is the wishing fountain, any amount would do. But the challenge is, you gotta hit the top most part of the fountain which is really hard. But it feels like a pro once you get the shot, seriously. =) Of course, you pray before tossing your coin.

Next to the wishing fountain is St. Claire’s statue where people offer candles or sampaguitas and prayers. Prayer booklets for novena are available at the side of the statue and once you are done, you can just return it for the next users.

At the back is the church, and this is the beautiful front side of the church.

Next to St. Claire’s statue is the church, the entrance is on the left side. Of course, I wasn’t able to take a photo of the church from the inside. Last time I checked, mass schedule isΒ Β Mon-Sat 6am and Sundays at 6:30am and 5:30pm.

Right after the mass, people usually go to an area where in you will right your prayers on a piece of paper and give it to the nuns who will pray for you. Pens, pencils and papers are available there. This is also the place to give your colorful eggs. =)

Going there with my friends praying for guidance felt really good. But going there alone, thanking her for everything felt so peaceful… Yes, you can pray anywhere and any time, but a little effort with the perfectΒ ambiance helps a lot too! =) Have a blessed Summer everyone! =)


About thecatlovermanhater

I recently moved to England and love to travel! I had difficulty finding detailed blogs to help me plan my previous holidays around Europe so I decided to make my own (based on personal experience and preference on places to go) to help future wandering souls like me! Feel free to drop comments and I'll do my best to respond with any queries. Will post my Norway, Paris, Barcelona, and Northern Ireland travel soon!=)
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81 Responses to An egg for a prayer – St. Claire Katipunan

  1. elmer says:

    I used to pass by this place when I was in PSBA. Once a peacefully deserted compound with dry leaves scattered around. And if I’m not mistaken this was once “Monasterio de Santa Clara.” Then one day something miraculous happened here. Then people started swarming the place and then they changed the name to St. Claire. That’s what I heard. Well, congratulations! blo-awt πŸ™‚

  2. Kim says:

    Congratulations dear! =) You are such a good hearted person and your prayers deserve to be answered. =) Everything that I asked for in this monastery was also answered, perhaps not because of the egg, but because of the sincerity of the intentions. St. Claire loves a forgiving heart and Jesus Christ hears her intercession when the person praying has first forgiven all those who have wronged him or her… =) Forgive and stay happy. =)

    • Thank you so much! Sorry if this is a late reply. I agree with you. Indeed, it’s about the egg, it’s the pure prayers that comes with offering it. The egg is just a material representation of what we offer to God. May God bless us all! =)

  3. St. Claire rules!!!! Love you so much god, papa jesus, mama mary, papa joseph, st. claire, all the saints and all the angels above thank you so much for the blessings… I pass the civil service in one exam because of them. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much….

  4. Shella Marie says:

    Congratulations to all of you! Thanks for sharing your experiences…. I’m also going to visit and of course offer eggs to St. Claire… hoping that She will guide me in the forthcoming bar examinations… hoping you will include me in your prayers… God Bless…

    • Godbless on your upcoming bar exam! They say when you pray for something, you must believe and claim that it’s already granted. Therefore, congratulations on passing! ^^ Don’t forget to try the wishing fountain in St. Claire! =)

  5. iam_matetay says:

    @thecatlovermanhater- nice blog you got here. πŸ™‚ congrats to u nurse ka na. i would like to visit and attend mass here too. and of course, offer eggs… like shella marie im also taking the bar exam this oct2012…. hoping and believing with all my heart to pass too. πŸ™‚ i’d be very thankful if u could include me in ur prayers too.. Godbless everyone. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you! No doubt, you guys will definitely pass! Saint Claire would be too happy that a lot of people are visiting her. Hope we won’t forget to visit her back after the exams! πŸ˜‰ Might visit here back this weekend, I’ll pray to give you guys guidance and courage for it’s already decided, you guys will pass. Be positive and just BELIEVE. Godbless us!

  6. ClareMadiz says:

    Hi! Sorry to interfere but it is “Clare” and not “Claire.” I believe it is still is Monasterio de Santa Clara although most people call it St. Clare in Katipunan. πŸ™‚

    • Hi! Hahaha I didn’t know about that? Thanks for the correction, I’ll take note of it. πŸ˜‰ No matter what the spelling is or whatever people these days call it, we still refer to one place where our hopes and prayers are answered, that’s what matters. ^^

  7. Zeny says:

    Back then I was a devotee of St. Clare. She was introduced to me by my godmother. She never failed any prayer requests I asked from her. One example was that for 9 years, I had an only son, I prayed to St Clare to give me another one which she heeded. However, I had gone a different path for a while, but I realized that I was wrong and now, I am back and I don’t think I will go astray again.

    • Thank you for an inspiring story, why not make a blog out of it? I’m glad that you were able to find your way back. =) Those are just challenges in life that we have to go through just for us to learn. I really hope and pray that people who are lost will get inspired by your story and get back to right path. All mistakes are always forgiven as long as we ask for it. ^^

  8. Lyn says:

    Until What time is Monasterio de Sanata Clara open?

    • Hi, I don’t have the exact time frame but I’m sure that the mass is only once per day and it’s in the morning. I believe until 7 or 8 you can still go in and say a short prayer. There are guards inside to assist you anytime. =)

  9. Lors says:

    Is it posibble also for working visa abroad? Any experiences? Thanks.

  10. Angelica says:

    Hi. Is it open until 7 or 8 in the evening? Many thanks.

    • Hi Angelica! I’m not sure but based on the posts in the vicinity..mass is only held once a day in the morning so I believe that they are not open at 7pm on wards. However, during Sundays, mass is scheduled morning and night so you might wanna visit St. Clare during Sundays if you have a preferred time. Hope it helps! ^^

  11. iam_matetay says:

    hi.. just attended the 6:30am mass today at St. Clare.. πŸ™‚ i bought eggs with blue, red and pink colors; BTW, blue is for exams, red for goodluck, yellow for general wishes, green for money and pink for family. i tried the wishing fountain and it was really fulfilling to land the coins at the topmost part. πŸ™‚ will be back for sure… the black dog wasn’t there by the way. MASS SKED: Mon-Sat 6am and Sundays at 6:30am and 5:30pm. thank you thecatlovermanhater, your blog was a big help. πŸ™‚ hoping to pass the bar exam this oct2012. πŸ™‚

    • HELLO! Thank you very much for updating us regarding the mass sched and all..haha I’m so happy that you enjoyed the wishing fountain! haha too bad you weren’t able to see the cute dog I’m talking about. Thanks for the feedback! really aprpeciate it! YOU WILL PASS your exam for sure! ^^

  12. Thess says:

    Thank you for this blog…Hoping and pls. pray for my daughter to pass her exam (National Competitive Examination in Philippine Science High School) this coming sep 29, 2012. We love to visit St. Clare every time my review ang daughter ko and some time we offer also eggs but I dont know the meaning of the colors so we just bought eggs to offer. Every time na pumupunta kami ng daughter ko we feel her (St. Clare) presence.

    • WOW, it’s great to hear that even the youth still visits St. Clare not only those who will take major exams. =) I agree, the place indeed is relaxing it’s like you’re not in the city. It’s really peaceful. I know your daughter will be a great achiever specially with a God fearing and supportive mom like you! ^^

  13. I’ve been exploring for a little for any high quality articles or blog posts on this kind of space . Exploring in Yahoo I ultimately stumbled upon this website. Reading this info So i’m satisfied to exhibit that I have a very excellent uncanny feeling I found out exactly what I needed. I most surely will make certain to do not forget this web site and give it a glance on a relentless basis.

  14. iam_matetay says:

    hi again. bar exams done. last day of the 4sundays was oct 28.. thank you Lord that i was able to survive. πŸ™‚ i went back at St. Clare monastery last oct31 to say thank you… it was just a happy feeling waiting for the result of the bar exam, knowing that going to St. Clare gives me solitude. BTW, the monastery opens at 5am and closes at 6pm every Mon-Sat… 5:30am and 7pm on Sundays. thank you @thecatlovermanhater.. πŸ™‚ hoping to pass and fulfill my dream of becoming a lawyer. God Bless everyone. πŸ™‚

    • Hello! Wow. When will the results be out? Time goes by so fast, I remembered going there to ask for guidance, then next thing I knew, I was already back thanking Her for the blessing of passing the exam and I know you’ll be back there for sure. =) Thank you for giving feedback, exams are done, you can now breathe and chill..I’d definitely look forward to seeing your name on the most awaited list of passers! ^^

      • nmera says:

        Good day! Me & my husband had a hard time having a baby, we tried the scientific method but it didn’t work, my husband that time will be leaving Monday to join in the ship again, Sunday I decided to go there to hear Holy Mass & lay my wish of having a baby before he leaves, miracles really happen the next month I got pregnant. Thank you so much to God through St. Claire, by the way this was also the church where I prayed for my boyfriend which turned be my husband now. I go back there for thanksgiving and wishing again for the second time. Indeed St. Claire hears a faithful heart. Glory to God!

      • Thank you for sharing! Indeed St. Clare is mostly known for miracles given to those who cannot are really blessed and may She continue to guide you and your growing family ^^

  15. Mathew says:

    Dear Lord, my wife is not with me now due to some misunderstanding she went to her relative home and make a police compliant against me and she and her family treated me as a dog Dear Lord i am ready to forgive all this things but i want her to come to me with my Child and say Sorry for what had happened and lead a good life. In this battle my only Child Sara mathew is affected May heavenly God Give her Strength to bear all this. Dear Lord Please do Miracle in my life and bring back her and my child to me with out any compromise and she should feel sorry for what she did.

  16. nicole says:

    Goodpm.. just wanna ask if there is a mass in saturdays? Thank you πŸ™‚

  17. nicole says:

    *every saturdays..

  18. Lance Real says:

    Mahal kung st. Claire tulong nio po ako ng mahal na panginoon sa aking Teachers Board Exam sa darating na March 10, 2013 na magkaroon ng sapat na kaalaman para masagot k ang lahat ng tanong by your guidance and blessings alam k makakayanan k mapasa ang exam k at tulongan u po ako na maayos ang buhay ko please Lord clean my body and soul so that I can work perfectly according to your will… thank you Lord for everything….

  19. puring says:

    hello there,,, maliban po sa st.claire ano pa pong church na pwd for board exam? im looking for churches kasi…

  20. Kayce says:

    Reading all of this I really felt inspired, I wasjust googling as how can I get to St, Claire in Katipunan..and here I am reading every story here. I hope I’m not asking too much of everyone, but I do believe that prayers are so powerful that when we all pray God hears them. Please pray for me..I’ll be having my Medtech board exams tomorrow and on wednesday, Results might be released on march 22 or 23, I do hope to be A registered Medical technologist by then. I will go to St. Claire today and do as what everyone has told in here. Thank you everyone, I pray for each of us. Godbless!

  21. leonora says:

    Dear St. Clare Please pray for my family of good health always, I love my family so much please help us in our needs both spiritually and financially. Please ask Lord Jesus to forgive us in our sins so that we will maintain a happy, healthy family relationship. In Jesus name thrugh the intercession of st. clare. amen

  22. Hi! I am so happy to have stumbled upon your site. I was thinking of going to St. Clare this week before the PNLE and I was looking for schedules and the likes. This blog entry is really helpful. I’ll be taking my board exam this Sun, please pray for me.

    • everly says:

      Dear ST. clare Please pray thank you for all the Blessing youve Showered us everydAsay . We ask your Contuite heart to pardon our sins as we repenting on if as i took the board licnsure examination for teachers please held your helping hard for as to pass the board examination for teachers and to used it as a helping hard to my teacher

  23. Tess says:

    Hello. I just want to ask whatbis the address of St. Clare. brcause I what ti send my prayer request to her.thanks.

  24. Hazel says:

    Dear St. Claire, It’s been so long that I’ve been wanting to conceive again, last year I thought Iam coz I almost got positive result on PT, my partner and I were so happy but after two months,we went again to my Doctor and done some test and ultrasound, and we found out that I’m not havin a baby, theres somethin wrong wth my egg…It hurts me so much of xpectin that I’m pregnant but I’m not,I almost cried for a WEeks, …my partner left with no hope in me of havin his own child wth me.He was a seaman..Now he’s here again but will only stay untill Sept..
    St. Claire plz give me a baby this month of August…I tried and done so many medicines and fertility enhancement juz to get pregnant by the month of July ,last month..but the result was negative,St. Claire Please help me conceive a healthy,normal baby boy if posible but f not evn a baby grl…I beg u please hear my prayers…

  25. Everly says:

    mahal kung si claire tulong nio po akong ng mahal na panginoon sa aking teachers Board exam sa darating ba september 29.2013 na magkaroon ng sapat na kaalaman para masagot k ang lahat ng tanong by your guidance and blessing alam k makakayanan k mapasa ang exam k at tulongan u po ako na maayos ang buhay ko please lord clean My Body and soul so That I CAN work perfectly according to your will Thank you Lord for everything

  26. everly says:

    mahal kung santa clara help me to prayer to pass the board examination for teacher to enlighten me to correct me and to guide me in the way to board examination for teacher na magkaroon ng sapat na kaalaman para masagot k ang tanong by your guidance and blessin g alam k at tulongan u po ako please lord clean my body and soul so that i can work perfectly according to your will thanks you lord for everything…

  27. Braveheart says:

    This blog is very helpful and inspiring as well…. Please help pray for peace in my beloved Zamboanga city … and that I maybe able to answer well the bar Questions despite the odds in my review.. Thanks!

    May God grant our hearts desires , Amen.


  29. Joahana says:

    Dear St. Clare,

    Thanks for giving me strength and positive thoughts in this past few days. I know you will help me and guide me whatever happens. Please help me to pass my civil service examination this October 13 2013.. kayo napo ang bahala. maraming salamt po.


  30. dez says:

    go to st.jude also πŸ˜€

  31. risa says:

    I passed two exams and landed a job I loved because of the intercession of St. Claire. I still visit the monastery to show my gratitude.

  32. Loriz says:

    Hello I just wanted to say thank you because thru this post I get to know saint Clare. πŸ™‚ I really begged saint Clare to help me pass the NLE last December 2013. And I did! πŸ™‚ *teary eyed*

  33. kimberly says:

    thanks…very informative site…

  34. marilyn garcia says:

    Hello I’m marilyn from italy,please send me your email address so i can write all my prayers directly and privately….I hope you can reply me as soon as possible.. Thanks

    • montelii says:

      Hi marilyn I have read your comment…
      Can you please pray for me and my girfriend to pass the upcoming medtech boards this march?? Pls I need your prayers…
      Thank you for the kind offer you have shared πŸ™‚ may the Lord bless you πŸ™‚

  35. Its very nice to read this today i will go to St. Claire to pray fot my noard exM on June 22 – 23 to be a Pharmacist. Im believeing that St. Claire will bless me.

  36. cheryl says:

    sometimes everything happens has a misery behind…i just came back in the Philippines and destined to have a church visits and trying to figure out what is the reason behind,..Just like every who has a ceratin wish and seeking for an answer…..i already went to quiapo church& manila cathedral. Tom is scheduled for Antipolo church and my close friend had introduced me to go to St. Claire… so my journey to every church for a short span before i leave is the best thing I ever had spending my time πŸ™‚

  37. KenRN says:

    St. clare thanks sa blessing binigay niyo πŸ™‚ i always ask you na ipasa niyo po ako sa MAY 2014 NLE, nagnovena ako and all πŸ™‚ lat june 27, natanggap ko na po kahilingan ko πŸ™‚ Registered Nurse na po ako πŸ™‚ salamat po ng marami πŸ™‚

  38. Tet says:

    hi i just want to ask what is the specific day novena of sta.clara?I was wondering because in Baclaran people novena every wednesday what about Sta. Clara?

  39. good morning:) I learned about st. Clare thru my co-teacher who just visited last week.,she advised me to go and visit there for our intention for the incoming LET board exam on sunday Aug.17,2014…I hope I can go there too before Sunday..thanks and may our prayer and wish will be granted…

  40. Madelyn says:

    Good Morning!! i just wanted to say just help me to pray for my licensure examination for teachers this August 17,2014 Sunday tulungan niyo po ako st.Clare tulungan niyo po ako bigyan niyo po ako ng sapat na kaalaman at konsetrasyon sa aking pagsusulit gabayan ,at ituro niyo po sakin ang tamang mga kasagutan at maunawaan ang mga tanong sa sa LET tinataas ko na po sainyo ang aking mga panalanging ito

  41. lisile says:

    st.clare please tulongan mo po ako na sana makahanap ako ng bagong employeer para abroad,at tulungan mo din ako sa financial needs ko…

  42. Kitty Cat says:

    Thanks for this blog! Off to pray to St. Clare on my birthday on Sept. 8 for intercession for the upcoming bar exams…would anybody here know if it’s true that the nuns at the Monastery of St. Clare prefer cash donations now instead of eggs for practical reasons?

    I hope the prayers of our folks posted here as comments have all been granted, especially Matthew who yearns for his family to be reconciled. Such need is greater than passing any exam because family is forever and what a touching move for the father of the family to be the one to step forward and ask for St. Clare’s intercession.

    For all the students or bar/board candidates, you may want to google the Student’s Prayer of St. Thomas Aquinas, it’s also a good and practical prayer.

    I came across the blog of a mother about bringing her son to St. Clare and when she peeped into her boy’s prayer petitions as he wrote, instead of writing a petition for his upcoming grade school exams, the boy prayed for a baby brother and a baby sister. It turns out the mother is a cancer-patient and chemotherapy has damaged parts of her body. I love what she wrote in closing and it sounds like, “cancer may have damaged my body, but never my spirit.” I hope she was indeed given a baby πŸ™‚

    May all our prayers come true, according to the will of God. Cheers, everyone! πŸ˜‰

  43. gina says:

    st. claire i know you will hear our prayer of conceiving a baby. I can feel that you are now touching my womb. This is also my birthday gift wish to my partner this coming sept 19, 2014. My dear st. claire please hear and answer our prayers in Jesus name amen.

  44. I’ve read several good stuff here. Definitely value bookmarking for revisiting.
    I wonder how much attempt you set to create this sort of magnificent informative web

  45. Peter says:

    Can we still enter the church even though there is no mass? We will go there Saturday maybe 3 or 4pm.

    • yes, I’m planning to go back this weekend even if there is no mass. I can still offer my prayer with colorful eggs. πŸ˜‰

      • Aty says:

        Hello a while ago it’s my first going to at. Clare, I don’t know there’s selling egg outside, I bring 1 tray of egg without wrap the colorful cellophane. I had 3 kids, but my first kids is a boy he is 8 years old already my problem is he is autistic, he understand when somebody talks to him but he never communicate with people and my third kids is a girl 2.5 years she don’t no how to communicate din I hope sana delay Lang. Lam niyo I done lot of things para maging normal anak Ko pero gang ngayon wala parin nangyari. Alan niyo sAbi Ko lahat NG problema Bigay niyo na sakin hwag Lang problema tungkol sa anak, lam niyo nadudurog Ang puso namin mag asawa pag nakta namin ganyan anak namin. We almost had a perfect family. St. Clare sana tulungan nyo po anak ko, super sakit sa puso namin parang unti unti Kme pinapatay. Sana un 8 years old na anak Ko maging Kahit konting normal masaya na ako kaya alagaan sarili n makapagtapos mag aral Kahit hindi matalino masaya na po ako. N un sa third kids Ko a girl sana makapag communicate na sya. Sana gumaling na sila please help us. Thanks for the blogs its help a lot n mailabas Ko kng ano sa loob Ko. Sana gumaling na sila ngayon din. Salamat po.

  46. concepcion says:

    Hello I’m coney from cavite,please send me your email address so i can write all my prayers directly and privately….I hope you can reply me as soon as possible.. Thanks

  47. Ruby says:

    St. Clare pls help my son on his on going board exam. Please show him the right answer. I have strong faith in the power of prayers and i do believe that he cAn make it. Thank you st clare. Dear st clare please grant my wish and answer my prayer.

  48. rose andrade says:

    Mam sir anong… Oras ang start ng misa bukas tnx….

  49. sainte' valentines partner says:

    went there once, with my ex partner.
    gsto ko bumalik sa st.claire church pero ndi ko magawa.
    kasi naaalala ko ung dati kong partner, kasi lahat ng mga prayers na sinulat ko sa papel nung araw na pmnta kmi at dinasal ko habang ngtitirik ng kandila. at sa wishing fountain puro tungkol sa knya.


  50. Myrsk Vridgitte Caber Palmaso says:

    I really admire you. I want to visit the St. Clare Monastery in Katipunan, I miss the Monastery in Calbayog City, Samar.

  51. Lina Panadero says:

    I visited there a week before taking the Nursing Licensure Exam last May 2015 asking for guidance. And I am so thankful coz I passed the board exam. I’ll be back there tomorrow para magpasalamat for answering my prayer..;)

  52. nikki says:

    thanks for this blog!.. my son and his friend will be taking their cpa board exam this coming october 3, 2015… i’m asking for your kind heart to please include them in your prayers as this really works for those who believe…. will definitely visit the monastery one of these days… hopefully we can attend the high mass during our visit… God bless us all and may St. Clare intercede for all of us!…

  53. May Elisan says:

    Thanks God for this wonderful day! Due to curiosity, I am trying to Google now bout Saint Clare. So I found this blog of yours, and I am so blessed reading this. Anyway, just today me and Mommy went for dermatologist consultation and she told me we have something to visit after the consultation. Then, we ride taxi going to Saint Clare along P.Tuazon. The place was unfamiliar to me because it’s my first time visiting the church. Suddenly when the driver made the next turn, I was shocked to see the under bridge spot where I usually waiting for jeep to commute going home. I mumbled, oh this is Katipunan Station, and I know this place…. Oh my God! Really, I was so shocked. This is the church I usually heard from many commuters that they’re going to a Saint Clare church. And just today, I able to visit the church accompanied by Mommy. I am so blessed visiting the church. I am about to step toward entrance but mommy dragged me in opposite direction. And I see those wrapped eggs in various colors wherein there’s a signified purposes on every colors. We bought those eggs wrapped in yellow color for good health, which I really need it. And the remaining money, we bought it for sampaguita flowers. Then, we headed inside the church, offered those flowers. We wrote our prayers, dropped it in box, and offer those eggs πŸ™‚ and we proceed inside the church for prayers πŸ™‚ It was a great day for me . I am home right now, and I keep on thinking that somewhere I visited that church previously, but I can not remember when and where. Just now I realized that I dreamed of that church before, and I am offering those eggs. And thanks God there’s one person who brought me there which made my dream come true. Thanks for reading and may God Bless you all.! Happy weekend!

  54. Isabela says:

    Saint Clare thank you for all the countless blessings that you gave me. The prayers of ATY, please hear her prayers st. Clare about her children. I’m a mother also and I can feel her sufferings. I ask this through Christ our Lord, with your powerful intercession st. Clare

  55. Florence says:

    before i took the exam, my sister in law asked me to go to the St. Clare church, she adviced me to ask / pray to ST.Clare for me to pass the LET examination, then after a day i went to katipunan however i didnt find that church, i walked from cubao to katipunan. And luckily i passed the Let exam and i am now a licensed teacher. ever since when i knew that chruch, I wanna go to St. Clare, but i dont know how to go to that church. Im hoping that someday, If i have time, i will do my very best just to find that St.Clare Church.

  56. Juano says:

    To Aty: This is in regard with your son. My sister has ADHD. I hope hindi ko po kayo ma-offend pero this is from the point of view of a brother. Please dont pray na gumaling sila. I mean, they’re not sick. Naniniwala po ako na they’re gifted and there is a reason why God gave them to us in a certain condition. I never prayed na sana gumaling kapatid ko kasi I love her the way she is. Although I pray na makapag salita siya normally, makapagsulat ng maayos, ilayo sa masasama but i dont pray na gumaling siya. I just hope you dont see their condition as something negative (like sickness). Kasi kayo po yung unang unang aaway sa mga taong makakasakit sa kanila becuase of their condition. I dont know you exactly feel kasi wala naman po ako sa situation ninyo. ang akin lang talaga, they’re not sick (well im not speaking scientifically sympre). Kasi if you see their condition as a sickness, paano niyo po matatanggap situation nila and start pouring out love? Im not saying you dont love them, pero alam ko yung scenario pag nag tantrums ang isang SPED. ang sakit sakit physically, emotionally and spiritually. It eats you. They hurt you pero you have to embrace them as they are. Kasi if you don’t, masasaktan niyo sila. Anyway, I hope this gets through. πŸ™‚

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