How it feels to hit a jeepney part 2

This will be the after shock of my accident, well it is a bit long and with some visual effects.

I got hot hit by a jeepney, not ran over by it, and I’m still in one piece. Good thing that the driver stepped on the break just in time before the wheel crushed my leg (How I wish it was sooner so that I would not have written this blog). When the jeepney stopped moving, I immediately stood up, shocked with disbelief with what had just transpired. I took my bag which was hooked on to the “antenna” of the jeepney. While getting back to my senses, I looked for my eye glasses which flew somewhere when I got hit. A kind hearted bystander gave it to me with my broken watch.

At that moment, I was feeling so cold and tensed. As expected, the incident drew the attention of the crowd and they started yelling to call the ambulance, the police, and for me to ride the jeepney and be sent to the hospital immediately. I stood there, still shocked with disbelief, with my purple sleeveless dress topped with a mustard colored sheer polo, which I bought two days ago, paired up with my lovely black wedge shoes. From my first entry, my friends laughed at the idea of me giving much detail on what I wore that time. But this is to describe how I looked like at that moment, being hit by a jeepney was bad enough, worse is being hit by a jeepney wearing a dress and a wedge. To be honest, I still had to think of how I looked at that moment, to not let people see my undergarments and stuff, I hope you can grasp the idea. Plus, I was wearing a mustard colored sheer polo, how could the driver not see me??? Which leads me to believe that it was purely an accident and no one is at fault.

So much with my outfit, going back.. The driver apologized that exact moment and he was insisting that I should go with him to the hospital. He was as tensed as I was. As people were murmuring from all direction, I finally spoke, still standing blankly and said, “ok lang ako, wala akong maramdaman, sabihin nyo, anung mali sa akin?”.. And people started to point out my wounds and bruises, which I could not feel at that time because I was so numb. Then I said, “Wala yan, wala naman palang dugo, wala akong maramdaman, anu pa?”. Then a teenager beside me said, “Ate sira poh yung damit mo”. That’s when I started to move my head and body then saw my mustard colored sheer polo torn, and I was like, woah..was it that bad that my polo got torn?… but I why couldn’t feel anything??

Imagine if I wasn’t wearing a dress inside, nabangga na nga, nahubaran pa. Absolutely humiliating. After looking at my polo, reality started to drift back into my mind. And realizing the gravity of the situation that I was in, alone, with strangers everywhere continuously talking and asking me questions, I felt like bursting into tears. But before I gave out a drop of tear, I breathe deeply, composed my self and repeatedly uttered these words in my mind, “umayos ka, umayos ka, kaya mo yan”.

Then the driver again asked me to go with him to the hospital, I said “San mo ko dadalhin kuya?”…”Sa may mandaluyong mam, or sa sta, ana para malapit?”. I was still standing there thinking of the future, If I will go with him, who would take care of me? I don’t know any of these people and knowing that my house is just 3 minutes away, I’d rather be sent home and have a good rest since at that moment, my numb body was claiming that I was perfectly fine. And I won’t be a hipocrite, the thought of me being rushed into the emergency room of a public hospital was not comforting on my part, I’d rather be sent home knowing that I can still stand up and that there was no need for immediate medical attention. So I said no, “Ok lang ako, uuwi na lang ako”.. and I started walking towards the direction I was heading before the jeepney hit me. Well, people who saw a girl just got hit and decided to walk away like nothing happened might think that I’m crazy. Well I am at that moment, I’m still shocked and that’s the best that my tensed neurons can do.

I was about two steps away from my original position, still dizzy, when a policeman stopped me. He said, “Mam hindi poh kayo pwedeng umalis, dadalhin poh kayo sa ospital, may asawa poh ba kayo? tawagan natin”. Seriously, I was a bit offended at that moment but I let it pass and answered back, “Wala, baket?”…”Kasi poh para may kasama kayo, pasunudin nalang natin sa ospital”. Then I suddenly thought of my cellphone and looked into my bag so that I could call my brother. It wasn’t there, so I already accepted the fact that it was gone and someone from that crowd stole it. The policeman turned on his mini flashlight to help me look into my bag. I said it’s not there, then he asked the people around who saw my cellphone, no one answered. He asked for the guy who gave back my watch and eyeglasses and questioned him where is my phone, the guy said he just saw the watch and the eyeglasses. I told the policeman to stop questioning people and let it go for I am not dumb and I have accepted the fact that it was gone. I mean, why would I exhaust my remaining energy to be frustrated on my lost phone knowing that no matter what we do, it won’t be given back to me anymore. These were my words, “Kuya (to the policeman) , tama na, ayoko nang maabala, gusto ko nang umuwi.” I don’t know, I might seemed so pissed and serious when I spoke that people who were “chanting” at me to go to the hospital stopped and even the policeman and the driver dropped the argument.

The policeman said that it’s entirely my decision to make but he won’t let me go home alone. We took a seat somewhere near the place of incident so that I could take a rest and think things through while he started questioning the driver and the bystanders on what happened. I felt so weak and I was trembling, the feeling was similar when you were so hungry that you feel powerless. Since no one is talking to me anymore and the crowd dissolved a bit, though they were staring at me from all direction, yeah I’m so the girl who just got hit by a jeepney, the tears that I was suppressing were finding its way out that I had to stand up and pace back and fort while shaking my hands and compose myself again. Seriously, put yourself in my shoes, shocked with what happened, alone, a bunch of people around gossiping about you, you’re all wounded and your not in a good shape, torn polo,  your cellphone was stolen that you can’t contact anyone to help you, and the innocent driver was throwing his teleserye lines at you that he has a family,  he was so sorry and that he was just an “extra” for driving that jeepney because it was his cousin’s blah blah blah… It was too much.

My voice raised a bit, still trying to compose myself, I said.. “KUYA, PWEDE BA MANAHIMIK KA? HINDI KITA IDEDEMANDA OK? AYOKO NA NG ABALA, GUSTO KO NALANG UMUWI, OK LANG AKO, PERO KUNG MAGPAPADALA BA KO SAYO SA LOURDES HOSPITAL KAYA MO? SIYEMPRE HINDI DI BA? KAYA KUNIN MO YUNG JEEP MO AT IHATID MO NALANG AKO SA BAHAY”.. sorry, that was the kindest way I could express myself. He replied, “Ma’am sa public lang poh kaya ko pero kung gusto nyo poh talaga sa lourdes ma’am tara poh para magamot kayo magagawan naman poh siguro ng paraan, mejo kinakabahan poh akong ihatid kayo sa inyo baka ho kasi hindi na ako makalabas at bugbugin na ako ng mga tao sa inyo”. I was like, ok..fine.. I was the one who got hurt but I still have to consider the sentiments of this person before me, gaaaaddd…Mamang Police came back and started asking me again things and I said I will call someone and pick me up so that things will be over. I seriously long for my bed at that exact moment, the comfort of my bed and linens, plus my pillows ready to catch the tears in my eyes which werw ready to burst out, the thought of things beeing over like nothing happened and I don’t wanna see the policeman, nor that place, nor that driver for the rest of my life.

I made a phone call to a nearby store and spoke with my brother.

Kuya : Hello? (no exaggeration, that simple word from my brother was so precious that it gave me a little comfort that I so needed at that time)

Me: Kuya sunduin mo ko. (My voice was already shaking like I wanted to fly and hug my brother and ran away from that place, ugh that is so not me but yeah, it really felt that way)

Kuya: Bakit?

I froze at that question, I can’t even bare to think, state and acknowledge the fact that I was hit by a vehicle, it was too painful, no..awful.

Me: Nasagasaan akoohh..

And I started to cry, a bit, hicupping and wiping the tears that managed to get out of my defense.

Then I told him where I was, he got there right away since as I have said, our house is just like 2 tumblings and 3 back strokes away. Kidding aside, we settled things with my strong conviction of not going to the hospital and that I wanted to get home ASAP. The jeepney driver sent me home with my brother and some of his “back ups”, his friends. My mom was waiting outside our house with some of our neighbors. My brother immediately left our house when he received my call and it bothered my neighbors that when my mom got home, they told her that my brother was rushing when he left. And so they just waited for him to come back without knowing what happened to me. When we got there, I apathetically went straight to my room and left everyone outside, I can hear the discussion and the driver was explaining things.

I was lying on my bed staring blankly at the ceiling, still feeling numb. I was so ready to cry like a baby, but I know that it’s not yet the time since any moment now, people will rush in to my room and ask how I was. I decided to change my clothes and “assessed” my self, where were my wounds, then I started palpating my ribs since I got a solid blow on my abdomen as evidenced by my torn polo, I also moved my joints, range of motion, trying to check if I had any bones dislocated or what. I know, crazy right? But I wanted to assure myself that though I’m feeling nothing, I was ok and that I have to believe that so that I can convince my family not to rush me to the hospital. I know I was really selfish and that people are worried about me, but how could I not be selfish? All I wanted at that time was to rest and sleep at my comfort zone, my home. I don’t want to go out again, to the hospital, people will ask question, assess me and stuff. Like what I was saying from the start, ayoko nang maabala.  I wanted to get things over.

By the way, these are some of my bruises that decided they wanted to be a tattoo, ugh.

Please do not judge the size of my arm and leg and focus on my bruises, ktnxbye. So the day ended with my family talking to the driver about things. Well to be honest, my brother and my mom were calm, maybe because I was also calm and did not go home bathing in my own blood without one foot or in a casket, gaaad.. typing these words gives me the creeps. By the way, the driver was really kind and sincere that made things a little lighter. He did not ran away from his obligation, he talked in an apologetic manner calling every one sir and ma’am, he was also honest enough to say what he only can give or shoulder but he will do something about it if ever they convinced me to seek medical assistance but he was not bargaining like hati nalang sa bills or pleading that he has no money and stuff. I really don’t have any hatred toward that man, in fact, he got my respect and I salute him up to the point that I was convincing my mom to let it go and that we pay all the hospital bills and not let him shoulder a cent. Though he is “just “a driver, with the way he carried himself in that situation, i’m giving two thumbs up for manong driver. I hope you’re getting my point about how that driver, in that situation, amazed me, seriously.

So that day I won, I stayed at home. But, the numbness started to fade out like an anesthesia. It’s like, it’s time for an aftershock. The pain, yes the pain that I’m still feeling right so intense that my muscles are shaking. Well if it was an open wound, it wound be so much easier, but it wasn’t. I had bruises all over my body that throbs even if I’m not moving. I jokingly told my friends that it felt like I’ve undergone hazing. Well somehow I wish I had, at least now, with all these bruises, I would be a part of a fraternity/sorority and have brothers and sisters or whatever. At least my suffering would’ve been useful if that’s the case. But it’s simply not.

And so the next day came without me having that much sleep thanks to the pain, walking and sitting up straight was unbearable (I had a solid blow on my abdomen which left two wounded bruises, if there is such a term). The incident spread like wild wire, first through the classic gossips in the neighborhood, second was thanks to my post on facebook which I did not expect to be taken that seriously. I really apologize if I made my friends worry and not reply to their messages on and off line. On the other hand, I whole heartedly appreciate and thank everyone who took the time to check on me specially some of my close friends who wanted to visit, you know who you guys are..words are not enough to express my gratefulness. =)

Going back, since people knew what happened, they started to get angry over the stubborn me for not going to the hospital. Because of the influence of my neighbors, friends, family and relatives, I unwillingly went to the hospital with my mom. We went to a private hospital were we met with the driver who paid part of the bills that he could and promised to pay back the rest, I couldn’t argue with that anymore since all the “grownups” were saying that it is his obligation, let him do it blah blah…fine. Frankly speaking, I couldn’t look at the driver because I know how he earns a living and being the spoiled me who wanted to be in a private hospital, Its a burden for him. I had x-rays all over my body on the parts that had major bruises on. The result was fine, no broken bones. The doctor insisted that I would be confined for observation and some more “tests” but I, again declined. I said that I will just go back if I will feel anything unusual and signed a waver. I did not ask how much the bill was but all I heard was the driver only had money for less than half of the total bill and apologized and said that he will pay back the rest. Before we went to our own lives, the driver apologized again and he said he was glad that I was ok. I just smiled and nod at him. My mom asked me in front of him of what should we do regarding the lost phone and damaged stuff, indicating if we should ask the driver to pay for those (that it was also his “obligation” they say..) , I said no. I’m not trying to be a saint or what, my point is, I wanted things to be over, I wanted to move on. If I kept on “negotiating” with the driver and make him pay for my stuff and even use a cellphone that he paid for, It will make my “moving on” slower and harder because the sight of him just reminds me of that accident that I wanted to let go of.

So much with the drama..see the thing is, I got hit by a jeepney, but I am ok now with eight lives left. Did I mention that God is good, all the time? And that all the time, no matter what happens, God is still good. It just depends on how you see things =) The End. =3


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  1. julius mey says:

    i hope that you’ll recover soon enough.. Godbless..

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