The waves of San Narciso Zambales..

Me and my high school friends went to San Narciso Zambales to have a relaxing weekend. We stayed at my friend’s beach house which is for rent for just P1,ooo per day. We stayed there for two days, of course we had a discount. XD So I guess this blog is more of an advertisement, beach house for rent! ^^

To go there, ride a Victory Liner bus in Monumento going to Zambales. The fair to San Narciso is P277.00 per head and the ride is about 4 hours with two 15 minutes stop overs in Pampang and Olanggapo. From the town of San Narciso, you just have to ride a tricycle going to the beach house which is P15.00 per head. To go back to Manila, same thing, ride a tricycle to San Narciso, and wait for a bus headed to Caloocan/Monumento. Easy right?=)

Here are the photos of the beach house. =)

The beach house from the outside.

This is the front yard, I think 3 vans can fit on it. Since I don’t know the exact dimension of the place, I’ll just use vans for reference so that you can imagine how spacious it is. =)

This is the Veranda. We stayed there the whole night until we felt sleepy. For the dimension, well you can hold a children’s birthday party there for around 10-20pax. =)

See the window from the veranda? This is where the bedroom is. There are three beds, each bed is ideally good for two. The two other beds can actually accommodate three persons. Oh well, you’re not going to a vacation just to sleep right? Why not camp outside and make a bonfire like we did the first time we went there. But this time, we utilized the room since it’s a bit raining. =) It has no air condition, it is a beach house, not a resort hotel. Though there are available electric fans, the weather there is cold enough to give you a goodnight sleep.

The other side of the place is where we usually hangout, the receiving area. This serves as the dinning area and kitchen as well. The place is mostly made out of bamboo and it’s like a big nippa hut. The ambiance is so relaxing, peaceful and it is a perfect scene for an ideal vacation in the province. To add up to the native aura of the place, they don’t have faucets. We used a “poso” to get water for bathing and washing the dishes. For drinking, there is an available water dispenser. =) This part is really big, seriously, 50 people can fit and you can host a feast here. =) There is even a backyard which is as big as the front yard.

This is my friend, sitting at my favorite spot, the “duyan”. This is in the backyard, obviously because of the sand. There is also one “duyan” in the receiving area.

From the beach house, you just have to step out and walk a few meters straight ahead and voila, the sea is waiting for you. =)

The best thing that I like in this place is that it’s not commercialized therefore it is not crowded. When we went there, the only people swimming in the beach are my group of friends and another group which is so far away from us. My friend said that they are also visitors of one of the beach house owners there. In short, we owned the place. =)

My favorite part of the day, sun set. =)

The sea here is not calm, I heard that it is a good place for starters to go surfing. =)

Everytime I feel stressed out with the busy city life, this is the perfect place to stay. Again, my friend’s place is for rent for only P1,000.00 per day. (I should get paid for doing this, hahaha) So if you want to have a peaceful and inexpensive vacation, San Narciso Zambales is the place to be. ^^


About thecatlovermanhater

I recently moved to England and love to travel! I had difficulty finding detailed blogs to help me plan my previous holidays around Europe so I decided to make my own (based on personal experience and preference on places to go) to help future wandering souls like me! Feel free to drop comments and I'll do my best to respond with any queries. Will post my Norway, Paris, Barcelona, and Northern Ireland travel soon!=)
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14 Responses to The waves of San Narciso Zambales..

  1. And I missed the night I slept by the shore!

  2. marco polo arellano says:

    Paano mag pa reserve?. This day din

  3. fab says:

    hello there!
    came across this blog. do you happen to have a contact of this friend of yours? thinking of going to San Narciso next week.

  4. Millet Marbella says:

    hi.. can i have your friend number so i can reserve. ill be renting from oct16-18, 2013 🙂 Thanks

  5. Pat says:

    Just in case I plan a trip to Zambales, it would be nice to have your friend’s contact. I like the idea of renting a beach house 🙂

  6. Angel says:

    Do you have a contact number? We are looking for a house to rent for next month.

  7. GReyes says:

    I’m looking for a guest house in Zambales, is the place good for 20 pax? If so, can I get the contact of your friend? Thank you. =)

  8. Russ says:

    Hi there.

    any chance this place still for rent? contact details?


  9. elen says:


    Is this place still available for renting this coming weekend? Contact number please.. 🙂

    Thank you.

  10. Timi Artuz says:

    Hello there. Contact numbers? May I have the details of the place I’m interested..

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