Love your own – Filipino superheroes!

“Love your own – Filipino superheroes!  – Not really superheroes but any local fictional characters. That was our theme last June for my friend’s birthday party in Foggy Heights, Tagaytay. Just to set your expectation, this is a NON PRO COSTUME PARTY *wink* . If you can remember, we also had one last April which was for foreign superheroes . We enjoyed dressing up and taking pictures of ourselves back then so we decided to do another one, and that’s the reason why I’m writing this =) .

Let us start with myself… *drum roll*

No, I’m not a fan of Jennylin Mercado (but she’s a good a actress and already a mom but still as hot as hell for being number 9 in FHM’s sexiest woman of 2012, again, I’m not a fan, I juts knew these facts.)  Going back to me, I just wore a purple dress and accessories to look like Lira from Encantadia. I need not to explain, I know you are familiar with that series, Pashnea. XD

He didn’t really prepare that day but we still managed to think of someone he looked like. Well, this guy is really handsome so we decided that he’ll just be Palos . It’s just all about the projection and posing. =D

Say hello to Pepeng Agimat *insert laugh here* . Sorry, I just can’t absorb why he chose that character hahaha. But anyway, two thumbs up for the effort because he bought the necklace however he was complaining for the price. Well, he won the best costume from our previous party so he really has to be consistent.

Don’t be confused, my friend is the one on the last picture hahahaha XD . Outfit-check , posing-check, facial expression -check, curly hair-check, long wooden stick -check (he went outside the house and randomly pulled out a branch of a tree, which he said was already broken, just to be competitive), and there you go.. Pedro Penduko! Kutis lang ang pinagkaiba, charot! *evil grin*

The birthday girl chose to be none other than Dyosa. It’s your birthday, why would you settle for less huh? A maxi floral dress, full blown make (done by me, yey!) , and some cute floral head band can do the trick. Don’t forget the hand gestures to feel that you really are a goddess.

Make way for the new Best in Costume title holder!!!! *applause* hahahaha XD. We really did not expect her costume. She was not Lia, human form of Angel Locsin in Lobo. In fact, she was already the wolf form.. amazing eh? haha Four thumbs up for you!

And last but not the least..

Snow White. She could’ve won the best costume IF our theme was Disney characters LOL. She said she thought it was a costume party, but failed to understand that it’s supposed to be for local fictional characters only. I swear, we spent like 15-30 minutes laughing at her. XD She was disappointed because she can’t win the title for that night. Well, there’s still next time. =)

And so our costume party took place with a bang and we went back to the busy streets of Manila with smiles on our faces. We sure had a great time and I’m looking forward for more “crazy” birthday celebrations with my dear friends. =)

Here are some shots from the rest of the party. ^^,




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I recently moved to England and love to travel! I had difficulty finding detailed blogs to help me plan my previous holidays around Europe so I decided to make my own (based on personal experience and preference on places to go) to help future wandering souls like me! Feel free to drop comments and I'll do my best to respond with any queries. Will post my Norway, Paris, Barcelona, and Northern Ireland travel soon!=)
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2 Responses to Love your own – Filipino superheroes!

  1. Lhiza De Castro says:

    Can I ask for your friends contact number..we are planning to go to San narciso but we don’t have a place to stay..can u reply or pm me asap..thanks for the help God bless..

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