Things I considered to do on my birthday ; going out of the country (too expensive) , going to Boracay or any beach or tourist spots in Visayas or Mindanao (takes time, exhausting, needs to book everything and mega effort) , overwhelm myself by shopping (totally impractical) , and treat myself to an overrated expensive dinner (it will just be flushed in the septic tank afterwards so no thank you) …

And so after a month of planning on where to go and what to do, I ended up revisiting Tagaytay City. Don’t we all love Tagaytay City? Just 2 hours drive from the busy streets of Manila and you’ll be welcomed with the cold breeze and scenic views of Tagaytay City, It’s more fun in the Philippines eh? 😉 What made it special was that I found a sanctuary that I immediately fell in love with, Nurture Spa Village.

The staff are very accommodating and courteous and they will always greet you with a smile every time you will bump into one.  You will not feel that you are in an expensive villa because their motto is to maintain modesty. You can just hear chirping birds and the wind gushing over the trees, wherever you look, your eyes will be satisfied with the relaxing view of the paradise inspired village, everything they use for the treatments and services are organic and home made, every single detail of the furniture and landscapes will take your breath away. Aaahhhh typing this down makes me wanna go back right this very moment =) It is very Filipino inspired, with all woods and capis and the feel of nature embracing your mind body and soul. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not overacting, I’m just pleased with everything because it exceeded my expectation. No doubt that they are rated as one of the best spa in Asia. They have several services that you can choose from but to be stress free, they have packages that are suitable for couples, family and big groups depending on your needs. =)

The package we took is for P11,500, I didn’t expect much but then I immediately fell in love with the place the moment I stepped into the’s why…

One, an overnight stay in an elegant room with an overlooking view of Tagaytay’s forest nature =)

Nope, it’s not my honeymoon or anniversary or whatever.. hahaha the package we took is called Romantiko Package thus the set up and in all fairness, thumbs up for the romantic feel of the bed and bathroom ornaments. ^^

Two, romantic dinner with candle lights, rose petals and a bottle of wine.

It’s like the one in the romantic movies wherein you’re in a private dinner date with candle lights, you have your own waiter, full course of the meal are served with a bottle wine, rose petals are scattered everywhere, It’s just you and him, then someone is playing your favorite song via violin, then the guy will propose with a diamond ring.. oopppss! Too much imagination, hahaha XD but yeah, everything I said happened that night, except for the violin and proposal thingy, teehee! ^^


Three, relaxing whole body massage with complimentary organic pandan tea ^^ P.S. I love their tea cups and how they serve varieties of organic teas =)

Four, set breakfast

Five, choice of facial or foot spa

BTW, their facial does not include pricking so you don’t have to worry! ^^ They put some organic creams on my face with a very pampering facial massage and only thing I recognized was honey since it really smelled so good! ^^ P.S. ginger tea this time!

Six, sumptuous lunch

Sumptuous indeed wouldn’t you agree? =) Eating in their open Cafe overlooking the whole village with the pool area makes the eating experience superb!

Plus, you can enjoy all other amenities within the village.

There are too many pictures that I decided not to upload so that you can see the place for yourselves. I’m totally gonna get my parents the same package for their anniversary. On my way back to Manila while I was browsing the pictures, all I said to myself, “It’s worth every cent”.  =)

P.S. You can contact them at 09209505724/710-9786 and look for Isabel and feel free to ask for other services/package that suits your budget and needs. Also, you might wanna request for Querobee to be your attendant. He’s been there for 9 years so he knows everything about the place, such a good man and very friendly ^^


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I recently moved to England and love to travel! I had difficulty finding detailed blogs to help me plan my previous holidays around Europe so I decided to make my own (based on personal experience and preference on places to go) to help future wandering souls like me! Feel free to drop comments and I'll do my best to respond with any queries. Will post my Norway, Paris, Barcelona, and Northern Ireland travel soon!=)
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